Finders Keepers

If your job involves finding new customers or keeping the ones you have, you need this book.

In Finders Keepers, I discuss the 5 questions that will revolutionize your sales and customer service.

They are: Who? Where? What? How? And When?


Let’s start with Who…..who do you actually want to work with? Not all customers are created equal… and I need to learn how to identify our ideal customers and remember, You can’t make a good deal with a BAD GUY!


Once we know Who we are looking for, we need to know where to find them. I had a former colleague that said he could sell Ice to Eskimos……only problem was he never seemed to find any Eskimos! In Finders Keepers, you will learn where I find customers and where you can too!


So now we know who we want and where to find them…..that brings us to the question of What?

Your what is simply your unique selling proposition. Some call it an Elevator pitch…..although I’ve never heard say anything on an elevator!! Defining your unique what will take some time… Finders Keepers, I will help you uncover it.


The next question is: How? With a clearly defined What, the secret sauce to creating a powerful customer experience is your How. It’s the “wow” factor in how you deliver your what. For Amazon it’s not the product… can get anything they sell…..anywhere. Their How is Free, overnight shipping……hence the reason, I get an Amazon delivery every day……you probably do too!!


That brings us to When? You are going to deliver your what with an amazing how to your who……the question is when? Setting up a plan for When W H E N…..will help you Win W I N!!!

Finders Keepers……how to find and keep the customers you want.

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