Our Company was looking for an uplifting Sales Program for our marketing, customer service, claims and underwriting departments. After doing some research, I found some information on Jason Peacock and his Red Carpet Workshop. We knew of a carrier that had attended the program and so I contacted them to get some feedback. They were very pleased and went on to explain the subject matter and the fact that all of their departments were involved. I reached out to Jason and the process of setting up the on-site workshop was very easy. Jason put on a 3 segment program totaling three hours. He covered various topics that we had discussed and there was much interaction with our associates. It was very informative and engaging.  Afterward, I received several positive comments from our associates. I would highly recommend Jason to any company looking to improve their sales techniques as well as their relationships with their agents.

Shane Heeren

Vice President of Marketing/Sales, Rockford Mutual Insurance Group

“Thank you for your great insights!”

“Wonderful afternoon, thank you for the information.”

“You ROCKED it JP!!”

“Your training was INCREDIBLE!  By far the best, most applicable training I have had.”

WCF Insurance

A few thoughts on the Red Carpet workshop: Your preparation, energy and the straightforwardness of your message definitely helped us accomplish the goal of our annual sales and marketing meeting. There is nothing better than having a clear plan, solid execution and consistency across all regions, company staff and agency partners……this will certainly help in those efforts.

Bob Gilpin

Senior Vice President of Marketing, Eastern Alliance

Jason Peacock’s Red Carpet presentation was off the charts good to see and hear in person. His approach to embracing good sales and underwriting visits was a great reinforcement for me and for others who attended at Society Insurance. A few of the key statements he presented were, “find out what is important to the people you are doing business with” “Stay on course and own the meeting,” and “the better one performs at a meeting, the better your overall numbers will be, regardless of anything else.

Dan Bramschreiber

Commercial Underwriter, Society Insurance

When Jason approached me with his idea for his newest initiative, “The Red Carpet,” I knew he was the “right guy for the right time” on this important issue. Hiring him to present “The Red Carpet” workshop for my Regional Sales Team’s annual meeting was an overwhelming success and, yes, we hired him – yet again – to provide a Break-Out Workshop during this year’s National Sales Conference. Our National Sales Teams have gained valuable insights and tips on bringing value to each and every customer Sales Call and, to this day, I continue to see the takeaways from Jason’s “The Red Carpet” Break-Out Session in their day to day activities. Jason and his experience, knowledge and speaking style have proved to be a valuable asset to our company’s Sales Team and an influence to our success. I know he will be to yours as well.

Dorothy Howell, CIC

Regional Sales, AmTrust Financial Services, Inc.

I enjoyed the entire presentation and felt Jason did an excellent job of relaying what our agent’s expect / want to see when we visit them.

Awesome presentation, I felt like he gave a good view of what my role with the agencies are.

I feel it was useful that Jason made a point to note that his point of view is as our customer. It was very meaningful that Jason shared the agent’s point of view. This is in contrast to many sales seminars where the presenter knows sales but not insurance or who predominately has carrier experience.

It was all valuable information. It was especially interesting to hear from the agents’ point of view the amount of small things, i.e. the Outlook invite, Agenda, and follow-up of meeting notes, that are not being done by competitors and are easy to implement to stand out among competitors. The appreciation of the personal touches was also really good tips on standing out to the agents, especially when everything seems to move towards tech. communications/interactions.

John Gant

Senior Vice President, Mid-Continent Group

Jason rolled out his red carpet presentation to Midwest Family Mutual’s marketing and field underwriting staff and our feedback couldn’t be more positive. Jason touches on all the things marketing reps can do to avoid wasting Agents’ time. Then he goes a step further and identifies ways they can differentiate themselves from the competition in a way that creates accountability, enhances the relationship, and drives results. He delivers his message with humor and provides real life examples in a way that engages the audience and encourages dialogue. The time that I have with my team in the same location is limited. As such, I’m picky about how that time is spent. Jason made sure that the 3 hours spent listening to him were well worth it. He certainly practices what he preaches.

Aaron Boyd, MBA, CPCU, CIC

Executive Vice President, Midwest Family Mutual

If you are looking for someone who will truly engage with your employees and provide an entertaining way to teach them how to get the most out of an agency visit, Jason Peacock is your man for the job. The Red Carpet Workshop was definitely a hit at our company and attendees are still talking about what they experienced. Everyone left the training learning something new which they can and will utilize at their next agency meeting.

Way to go Jason !!!!

Stuart Cohen, CPIA

Agency and Brokerage Sales Relationship Leader, Millers Mutual Group

“Your presentation was great and gave me a ton of takeaways that will help improve my results.”

“Time well spent, and I will be building off of what you shared with us.”

“Down to earth and believable.”

“Thanks for the insight as the presentation was relevant and worthwhile.”

Western National

I would highly recommend Jason’s “Red Carpet Workshop.” He is very knowledgeable in company/agency relations given his background and kept our staff highly engaged during the workshop.  His real-world examples and common-sense approach immediately got our wheels turning.  It has been just two weeks since Jason presented his workshop and we have already implemented several of his takeaways and are evaluating several others.  I can’t thank Jason enough for coming and meeting with our staff.

Eli Carroll

Underwriting Manager, Buckeye Insurance Group (Piqua, OH)

Jason presented the Red Carpet to our field staff. It was an entertaining, engaging and very informative morning. Positive comments were everywhere and I know everyone in the room walked away with new information and a better perspective on how to do business with our brokers.

Daniel A. Landers

Vice President of Sales & Marketing, A.I.M. Mutual

Jason, just a quick note to thank you for spending time with us. We’ve received good feedback from our employees……especially the underwriters…..all of whom have committed to implement a few of your “nuggets.” Great show, right on point and very helpful! I appreciate the preparation to understand Goodville and your efforts to Entertain and Educate.”

Bruce Brizzi

Vice President Marketing, Goodville Mutual

I want to tell you how much our team appreciates you!! We absolutely loved our time together and our Territory Sales Managers AND our Leader, Jon, brought up a lot of “Jason said’s” throughout the remainder of our 2020 Kick Off Conference. Your insights were just what we needed to get focused on for our success this year.

Suzanne Morrow, CPCU, ARM, CIC

VP - National Accounts & Field Success, SageSure Insurance Managers

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