The New Guy

This book will take you from timid newbie to seasoned veteran.

New sales people can take the tips, stories, and encouragement and turn them into stepping stones directly into success.

The New Guy gives the reader a whole new perspective of such a cutthroat industry in a light-hearted way.  “The author provides a first-hand account of the challenges and obstacles that all new sales professionals face,” says one reader’s review.  While there are numerous other reads that try to give you all the directions of how to be successful in sales, no book takes such a humorous, yet insightful look in to how one deals with being “The New Guy.”


‘Authentic and engaging’

“As a Regional Sales Manager for a commercial lines insurance carrier, I work 100% of my time directly within the independent agency network. I highly recommend Jason Peacock’s book The New Guy to all young new professionals. Jason has shared his own personal success story with the industry and helps you jumpstart your insurance career. The book is informative with a wonderful splash of humor. It’s authentic and engaging. I have also had the fine opportunity to hear him speak at industry events and he is amazing. Don’t wait – get the book and jumpstart your career.”

Kimberly Shattuck, Amtrust

‘Great refresher for veteran salespeople’

“This book is great for anyone just entering a career in sales.  It is also a great refresher for veteran salespeople to understand where they came from, where they are now and where they need to be in their career.  The author does a wonderful job of stressing that business is not one dimensional.  Someone’s personal and professional lives are intertwined and both must be nurtured in tandem.  I highly recommend this book as a read and re-read once a year!!”

Perry C. Barnett, CPA

Who is The New Guy written for?

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